Virginia Beach is a great city to rent in, as it has a lot to offer. From picturesque beaches to great jobs and cheap rent, apartments for rent in virginia beach are a wonder for tenants. The city has over 20 neighborhoods you can rent in, but there are only a few that are worth it. If you want to live in a top area in Virginia Beach, you need to know where to find rentals. Here are the best neighborhoods to look for apartments. Check them out!

The first top neighborhood from the list is Chic’s Beach. This area is perfect for young family, beach lovers and those who like easy access to facilities. You will find here great shopping places and it will be easy to access the transportation system. The neighborhood is also called “Chesapeake Beach” and it definitely has the best beach in town! If you are looking for a laid back, relaxed neighborhood, search virginia beach apartments for rent in Chic’s Beach. The area also offers numerous places to go out, historical sites and a great festival, “Chic’s Beach Festival”.

The second recommendation for you is Hilltop. This neighborhood is filled with young families, young professionals and young couples and it’s famous for the great nightlife and perfect shopping places. In Hilltop you will also find great beaches, many festivals and amazing dining options. It is the perfect area for young people who are looking for a fun and entertaining neighborhood. Plus, it has easy commute to other parts of the city, which makes it perfect for those working in other areas.

Another great neighborhood where you can look for rentals in virginia beach is Alanton. This neighborhood is a very nice one for families because it has great schools, a welcoming community, being an upscale residential area where you can shop and recreate without a problem. The area offers easy access to recreational and shopping facilities while it keeps a sense of privacy since it is a residential neighborhood. The great schools, community and safety of the neighborhood drew in many families.

A different neighborhood for families would be Lagomar. This is a safe area, with low crime rates that also has access to Green Line and “Back Bay National Wildlife Refuge access”. This neighborhood is a combination of urban lifestyle and rural charm. It also has good schools in the area and it’s perfect for families who are looking for peace and are not that really into the urban lifestyle. This is also a great area for nature lovers, as it is perfect for hiking, jogging or bicycling.

There are many good neighborhoods to rent in Virginia Beach, but the ones presented are the top areas you should live in if you want to get the best experience out of Virginia Beach. Choose a neighborhood you are comfortable in and that fits your lifestyle and you solved half of your problems!