No matter what people have said I have always loved Texas. I’m not a native of this state but I do call it home. It all started with football for me, my family lived over 2000 miles away but somehow we became Dallas cowboy fans. I guess doing those days it was pretty easy to become a Cowboys fan because they were winning the Super Bowl almost every year. The also had a maverick owner who embodied the spirit of Texas and of America. We love our risktakers who talk big and deliver. It also helped a bunch that they have the Dallas cowgirls.

As a Cowboys fan you might think that Dallas would have been the first city that I lived then when I finally came to Texas but it was not. The first city that I ever lived then and that I currently live in to this day is Houston. What can you say about Houston? It’s one of those big cities that has this down-home element to it that everyone seems to love. There are tons of people but everyone seems to be nice and the act as if they know each other which is something new to me being someone from far away. The city is huge and is a ton of things to do, is a little bit to do for everybody and there’s a lot of culture packed within that city. The weather is very perfect it is very hot so if you don’t like hot weather than it probably is not for you. It’s a great place to work and to play at least tons of good food all around. It might be the perfect starter city for anyone who’s interested Texas because it has that big city feel when you can get anything that you want.

So when it comes to to Texas it has a ton to offer and everybody will be able to find their thing and what they are interested in doing. That’s a great thing about it being a huge city that warm heart that you can do anything that you want and you’ll find great people to do it with. So give Houston a try, give Texas a try and visit some of the smaller cities to because you might be impressed with what you find. It’s just a great place to visit.