If you are going away this holiday, you may want to rent out your apartment to make some extra money. This is a very smart move as you will actually be able to pay for your vacation or save some money for the next one! While not many people are looking for long-term rental apartments during the holidays, there are numerous tourists that would like to rent an apartment than spend a fortune at a hotel. Therefore, you can get a pretty good profit by renting out your apartment during the holidays. Here are some great ideas for you!

First of all, you need to take some pictures of the apartment to show on online rental listings. You should clean the apartment thoroughly and then find the best angles to take the shots. It will be much easier to find tenants if your apartment looks appealing in the pictures and, most importantly, if it’s clean! Therefore, before posting the ad online under the name virginia beach apartments for rent you need to make sure your apartment is worth showing off. You can also add some in-season decorations to make it more appealing to the audience.

Second of all, you need to post the ad on every free rental website out there! If you don’t want to rent it with the help of a real estate agent then you can post the ad on various websites, such as Craigslist, and wait for people to respond to your add. However, getting the help of a real estate agent can be very helpful and can actually help you find tenants much easier. When you work with a real estate agency you can also post the ad on other websites, but make sure you mention the real estate agency commission in your ad.

When you are just renting your apartment for a few weeks you need to establish a price. Make sure you have a smaller price than hotels, but don’t sell yourself too cheap. You can think of a price per day or per week. Ask for all the money on the renting day and keep a key while you are on vacation. Make sure you don’t leave any valuable things in the house; you don’t know who you are renting to! If you don’t trust strangers in your home, you can spread the word through friends only and rent your apartment to some acquaintances or friends. Of course, this being the case, the rent would have to be lower, but you will still be able to get some profit out of it.

Therefore, you can post your ad through the apartments for rent in virginia beach ads and make some money while you are on vacation. This is not a new way of renting and Virginia Beach is a great destination to make profit while you are away since there are so many tourists visiting it every year.